Friday, March 30, 2012


I decided to "clean up" my blog a bit.

I have some great friends who have some fantastic-looking blogs (like this one, this one, and this one, just as a few examples) and I decided mine was a little too busy.

NOTE: I am working on finding a blog pattern background that I like so that the design isn't quite so white. For now, it looks kind of nice with a blank background. Besides, I feel like it's a lot less distracting from the actual blog content.

And so, allow me to give you a great big WELCOME to the new blog!!
Explore a little. Tell me what you like about things you discover.
Honestly though, this reconstruction was just another way for me to attempt to get back into blogging.
Guess what?
It worked.
I seriously feel like I could type and update this thing all night long.
But sleep would be good. 
So I'll just do this one post. Or maybe two. It's not that late.

Right now, my stress levels are honestly at an all-time high. I thought earning high grades in high school was rough; that was nothing compared to the stress right now. Finals start in 16 days. Craziness. My professors are playing the crunch time game which means I have about eighteen huge assignments that have to be done by or before April 11th (the last day of classes).

My family is on spring break this week. I kind of miss it, but I'm also kind of glad I finish classes almost two months before they do. Anyways, we've had some pretty entertaining Skype sessions this week.

My sisters ask if I have any stories. I basically have spent this entire week studying, going to class, add in some church stuff and seeing a few friends at dinner, and sleep. So no really fun stories. I was attempting to accomplish everything possible so I wouldn't have to stress over Conference weekend. It was a nice idea. Unfortunately I still have a ton to finish up tomorrow and Monday. 

Conference is seriously one of my favorite times of the year. Ranks right up there with Christmas and my birthday. And this year is going to be awesome because I actually get to go to one of the sessions!! I'm beyond excited right now. Even if I don't get everything done I hoped to accomplish this week, I still will probably ignore it (or only work on it a little bit) over this weekend. I want to focus on conference, family, and friends while I have time before finals crunch time.
So you have that crazy weekend post to look forward to soon.

Exciting Countdowns:
10 days until my mommy's birthday
(that would also be Easter Sunday)
9 days of classes left 
(which translates into 13 days until the end of the semester)
16 days until finals begin
18 days until Mom and Dad come
20ish days until I leave the freshman dorms behind
20 days until we start the road trip back to Chicago
which means 22ish days until I'll be home in LZ
25 days until I come back to Utah
that also just happens to be the day I get to move in to my first apartment!!
26 days until spring term begins

Life is just going by so incredibly fast. I honestly cannot believe my freshman year is practically over. In just a few short weeks I'll be living in my first apartment with Angela and another girl, figuring out how to live on my own without the lovely Cannon Center providing every meal for me. 

Did I mention I'm finding a job? I've never had a job before. So far, I still don't have one. But that's the plan: to work this spring and summer while I take a few classes to attempt to figure out life.
This summer is definitely going to be interesting to say the least.

Keep smiling, and remember: life is GOOD!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

quick post

I know. I've been gone for far too long. Promise to restart and finish up posts this weekend... once I survive my government and geography midterms. But I wanted to share a couple of things really quick. And some pictures.
Today was a gorgeous 64 degrees. The sun was shining, there was a slight breeze. Absolutely perfect weather. FHE was a ward activity at a local park. Watching the sunset on the mountains, talking with friends. Such a fantastic day!

Mike and Mariah... we attempted to avoid being hit by the nearby frisbees and footballs and soccer balls.
Though I still got hit by a frisbee. It's all good.
Me being artsy. I just thought this was a really neat picture.
sunset on BYU campus :)
Oh and this is what the weather will be like for the next few days. Gorgeous. So excited! 
The past couple of days I have literally left the window open and been playing my summer songs. Which include this, this, and THIS song. 
listen to them over and over again. you won't regret it.
Also I love skyping with my family. 

 And lastly, an inspiring quote from Dr. Seuss.

More to come.
Life is good.