Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break

So, it's been quite a while! I'm back in the swing of things at school, and I just started driver's ed. I actually have my first test this upcoming week, and then I can get my permit later next week! YAY! I'm honestly a bit nervous about driving, but it'll be fun!
Spring break was awesome - I went and saw College Road Trip with a friend and I finally saw the 2nd National Treasure! Both movies were excellent, and definitely worth the money! I just got an itchy nostril and watery eye thing that's driving me nuts and making me miserable! I spent three hours in a hot gym today to watch my three siblings compete in their age leve spelling bees. Nathan got out on the word gradual, Megan got out on drawer, and Rachel won first place in hers with indomitable! It was pretty exciting :-) Tonight is the Young Women's General Broadcast, so Mom, Rachel, and I are going to snuggle in Mom and Dad's bed with the laptop to watch it. For Easter, the four kids got Webkinz, and they may sound little kid-ish, but I love the game, and it's completely safe even though it's online. You never know what can happen by giving personal information on certain sites online. The snow is finally almost gone, and it's suppposed to get in the high 50s next week! Spring is finally coming!
School has been pretty fun. My Broadcast journalism class is a blast - we're just finishing up our latest project, "Person on the Street" where we went around the school interviewing random people with a certain question. I strongly dislike my geometry class, and my biology class is just getting boring. I love world history, but the class is kind of hard and I don't love the teacher. My English teacher is rather eccentric, and we're about to start Romeo and Juliet (yuck). The best part of the day is definitely lunch - my friends are so great and fun to be with! It's too bad we don't have more classes together. I love learning spanish, and it's a geat way to end the day, although I come home and start speaking spanish with mom and drive my siblings crazy! The best part of the first semester is that I managed to finally finish making up work, and I pulled off a 4.2 GPA which places me as #4 of my freshmen class! YAY! I hope my grades didn't slip in third quarter.
For Personal Progress - I'm thinking of creating an entertainment blog for teenagers. There's so much junk out in the world, and the blog would have ideas of clean movies, clean music and singers, clean TC shows, and other media forms that wouldn't have any bad stuff in them. The blog would give teenagers a reliable source (the reviews and ideas would come from other teenagers) to look for good, wholesome entertainment that doesn't leave any feelings of regret. If you have any ideas, let me know!
That's just about it! Happy Spring to everyone!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Day

Hope you all had a very happy Valentine's Day! Mom and I spent the day together, just as usual. We went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch, though. I got a delicious Thai chicken pasta, but found a pieece of wax paper in it! The manager gave us a free piece of cheesecake! YUM!
I'm returning to church today. I'm so excited! Then tomorrow is a holiday, and Tuesday I go back to seminary! Everything is finally becoming "normal" again, if you can say anything in my life is normal. I'm finally on the road to a full recovery - YAY!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Update on my Life

Hey everyone! So I figured it was about time I got my own blog up and running since the family blog isn't updated terribly often and so that mom isn't always sending out update emails about me.
Everything is so normal this time around, it's weird for us! My heart has been doing almost as perfectly as any transplant goes. I feel like my heart is working a lot less, and I have more energy than I used to. Of course, I haven't returned to school yet, so we'll have to see how that goes. Waking up for early-morning seminary will be the killer!
Last week, I had my first PET scan post-third-heart-transplant. Everything was looking good! The scan was clear, which means I still have the cancer beat! YAY!
My last biopsy results were a 1A. That's not a perfect 0, but the pathologist said the bit of rejection she had to report was so minor, she almost didn't say anything about it! The nurses are still messing around with meds, but I'm slowly going down on the prednisone, and we were able to switch one of the rejection meds.
The three month mark is approaching, and I can't wait! Three months means back to school! I'm getting pretty sick of coordinating with teachers and tutors about tests and assignments. It'll be nice to not have to worry about making up work.
Plus, it's FREEZING COLD in this state, so Mom and I are pretty much stranded at home all the time. Supposedly it's going to start snowing later tonight, but we already have a foot on the ground! We did go grocery shopping today, but even then we were frozen just getting into the car from the garage! We're getting a little sick of being home with each other all the time! Speaking of which, I need some good lunch's impossible to come up with something creative everyday when there's only the same options in the fridge! School cafeteria food is starting to sound pretty good!
My 15th birthday was certainly memorable! Mom and I went to see the movie Enchanted, which was very good. We were the only two people at the entire theater, except for a few employees. When we got home, Mom smelled a funny smell, and it turns out one of us had accidentally left our gas stove running! The fire department came over to make sure the house was safe, and we were fine. Sure makes for a great birthday story, though! I had a great birthday dinner the night before, and decided to go with good old-fashioned chocolate cake for dessert, along with homemade ice cream and hot fudge - YUM! Mom and Dad gave me a coupon to go to EFY, and I got accepted into the Tacoma session the week of June 30. I'm very excited!!! I also got a sweatshirt, a couple of CDs, some books, and some new piano books, too! All in all, it was probably the best birthday I've had in several years! My 10th was spent in an apartment in NJ where we didn't know anyone and all of our stuff was in a truck driving across the country. My 11th I don't remember very well. My 12th I got hospitalized on the day I had planned a sleepover. My 13th happened around the time I found out I had cancer, and we had just moved to Chicago last year, plus I got hospitalized a week later!
Besides school work, my day is pretty much spent looking up news on the internet, sending emails, playing on the Wii (which is a great invention - highly recommend getting one!), and watching Brady Bunch while I run on the treadmill! If you want, feel free to email me at! I love getting new emails!
Hope all is well with the rest of you! I miss everyone in New Jersey, Utah, and various other states where you've moved! I certainly never run out of people to keep in touch with! Keep watching for more updates - nothing else going on this week, but I just might post some interesting news I find!
I'll get some pictures up as soon as I can get some recent ones loaded!