Friday, June 1, 2012

three posts in a row

3 days of blog posts in a row. you all better keep checking for updates now. I'm on a roll!

My mom is off on an adventure with her siblings to Oregon! Actually they're celebrating my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. Which is so cool. Hope you all have an amazing time!

HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY Grandma and Grandpa!!

Mom called me from the airport. I am to call and check in at home to make sure my little brother isn't ignored... Even 1400 miles away I have instructions on what to do when mom leaves the house. Love her so much.

I'm in the mood for something sweet... but don't want to make anything. Guess I won't be having that sweet thing...

Instead I'm doing a blog post. Which was going to be about Memorial Day weekend. But it was taking too long. 
I'm totally focused right now.

I secretly want to be a southern girl. Mostly because of my fashionable, sassy, gorgeous, witty, talented, sweet Georgia friends from freshman year. And from this song. And because of the cool accent. And because I recently watched "The Blind Side" which has/is a fantastic interpretation of a southern woman.
But also so I have an excuse to say "y'all."

I have lots to do this weekend. Namely, find a ride to Target and my aunt's house to pick up some prescriptions. kind of important.

I still need to ride the bus. And I ran out of milk. Growing up is overrated.

I'm going to start taking more pictures. A picture a day keeps the doctor away. at least that's what I'll tell myself.

I've been adding labels to posts. If you look over on the sidebar, you can click on one of the labels to see all the posts related to that. Hopefully that can help me categorize my old chemo update posts.
                        If you ever look at my old posts.... which you probably don't. 
But I do. So now I made it easier for you to read my life story as well. 
You're welcome.

I got some missionary letters the past couple weeks! These guys are awesome, and I love hearing about their experiences. One of good friends just got his call to my mom's mission. So cool. "The List" of future missionaries tells that we have at least 2 guys from our ward going in every week until late August. Craziness!! They all are going to be the most incredible missionaries ever.
If you ever need a Sunday activity, let me know. I have plenty of missionaries who would probably appreciate a note.

I still can't believe I'm (close to) the same age as the Elders back in our home ward. I'm getting so old.

This. Makes my day. 

My future child will be Mr. Frederickson for Halloween, I guarantee it. Rachel's can be Russell. Megan and Nathan can debate over the Dug and Kevin costumes. It's going to be a fantastic family Halloween party. Just a taste of my little fantasies.... yikes.
Good night world.
FYI it's approximately 12:07 am here in Provo so it may or may not say that this post is for Thursday May 31. So you know it is for Thursday.