Saturday, April 11, 2009


So I decided to actually put some pictures on. They're in order of parks and when we visited them, but they got backwards! Then at the top are all the pix of my birthday and license and pre-spring break. The joys of blogger! Hope you all enjoy!
I got glasses!! I can actually see now! It's really amazing.

Celebrating my birthday - I really can't take anymore candles!

Driving with my family to Arby's - my dinner choice. I'm Thinking Arby's!

Where we stayed during our trip to Florida. It was really nice - the room that we were in was spacious and well furnished, and the beds were pretty comfy.

Our last family picture at DisneyWorld!

Hot, tired, and I had a cramping stomach. Great way to spend your last day at Magic Kingdom.

Nathan was explaining his plan for the rest of the evening with plenty of hand motinos

The lovely Cinderella with her slightly middle-aged Prince Charming. I missed the show - Dad and I stayed home for the morning sick - but I thought this picture was really cute!

Mickey and Minnie together - aww!

Everyone loves Tigger!

One of those great candids that is one in a million! Megan is mad, Rachel is laughing, Nathan's explaining, I'm drinking some water, and Dad is trying to talk.

Here's the hilarious giraffe! No one took a pic of his head in the truck, but he did stand in the way of a different truck for a while!

Four kids - we'd only been at the park for about an hour so we weren't terribly tired yet!

The Nemo musical was surprisingy cute. The puppetry was amazing!

The Festival of the Lion King is probably the best thing about Animal Kingdom. Get to the early show - no one was there because they all wanted to take the safari early.

Megan, Rachel, and Dad braved each and every roller coaster throughout Disney.

Here's a pretty good picture of the stunt show, but you have to see it to really enjoy it!

At the Lights, Motors, Action! stunt show, Herbie made an appearance and split in two!
You definitely need to see this show at MGM if you ever go to Disney - especially if you like car chases!

Indiana Jones stunt show - very cool to see how they make movies like Indiana Jones.

There were adorable topiaries everywhere! This one was on the Backlot Tour at MGM.

Goofing around in the gift shop

Main Street USA looks gorgeous with all of these lights!

Like I said, the fireworks were amazing!

Rows and rows and rows and rows of cars - there were a couple other lots this full!

Megan and I managed to stay pretty dry on Splash Mountain

The family favorite: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Watch out - they spit! they really did at the park!
First day @ Magic Kingdom - this was at the front gate.

We were all hot and tired!

Geckos everywhere! Megan freaked out whenever she saw one! :)

Everyone go "awww."

Nice shot of the ball and me and Nathan

The temple grounds were gorgeous - especially the palm trees!

Rest stop

Home of the Kentucky Derby - the biggest horse race of the year!
Make sure to watch this year's on Saturday May 2 on NBC!
Wow - that's a lot! Hope you made it through them all without going totally crazy!


  1. Lauren!!
    You guys look like you had a ton of fun on your trip!!! Was it just fabulous!? I'm sure Florida would be! So,... are you coming to the big U T any time soon?? Email me!!
    Danielle (Ward of course!) ; )

  2. i read your post on Pauls blog. You are such an inspiration to me as a heart mom. Your testimony shines through with your smile and hope.

  3. Hey Lauren, I am just another heart momma... I am so glad to have seen your comment on Pauls blog... We wish you the best...

  4. Lauren, thanks for your comment! You are such an inspiration. I have been compiling a book for a couple of months and would love for and your mom to be a part of it. If you want to find out more about it go to my blog. I look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Lauren, you look so attractive in glasses! I'm impressed with your blogging abilities, especially uploading pictures. Your family vacation looks like it was unforgettable (:

    Keep up the blogging and I'll keep checking to see what's going on with one of our most favorite families!