Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday, July 31

This is Rachel posting again. Yesterday, Thursday, was a great day. Lauren went to try on wig options and found one that was really cute. She even played a game with me and Megan. However, then she was up half the night barfing. She had a really low blood pressure and her heart was beating extremely fast. In fact, her blood pressure was so low that our machine couldn't even get a reading. So, Dad took her to the hospital this morning. Mom thinks she was just dehydrated because she was throwing up gallons of loveliness. She is now in ICU where they are treating her for an infection that they aren't sure even exists. Her chemo lowers her white blood count so it makes it hard to fight infection. They are also giving her meds to help her heart pump better. They're also giving her fluids and she was feeling a bit better last time Mom checked. A closing remark from me: I get my mom for 16 more hours til she switches out my dad.

the end.

(we wish)


  1. Boo! I'm so bummed that Lsuren is back in the hospital. I was really enjoying reading her posts and positive attitude. I'm busy with the wee one right now, but please send my love to Lauren (and the whole fam). You are in our thoughts and prayers ... including Eden's.

    Go Team Lauren!

    Sis. Warner

  2. Hang in there! You ALL are in our prayers!

    Cousin Matt

  3. Sorry I haven't sent my best wishes, I've been out of internet range in Colorado. While that has been bad for keeping track of how you are doing, I have to admit that in most other ways it is really relaxing. Hang in there -- your faith and positive attitude are some of your greatest strengths. As for preppy at band camp -- how about plaid shorts, socks that fold down near the ankle, little white gym shoes, the ones that have no arch support and a big hair bow on a pony tail. I actually wore all of this stuff, so I can certify its authenticity. A button down shirt would be good too, but band camp is hot. I'll be there and will be sure to meet your sister.