Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday, July 26

This is Rachel posting becasue Lauren is feeling gross. Apparently, she threw up all night long and does not feel so great today. She keeps spacing out and is dizzy. Her blood pressure is really high and she feels achy all over. Hopefully she gets over all of it so she can come home tomorrow.


  1. I know a little of what you feel like with the high blood pressure - the medicine they give you for that is so gross. I hope you feel better quickly - I know you are anxious to go home. We love you tons!!!!
    Wendy & Family

  2. Hi there! Just wanted you to know we have the the "triplet prayer power" going strong. I wish we could all have that kind of faith. They are always teaching us something. We love you and send lots of cyber (((((HUGS)))))) your way! Love, the Mullen's