Sunday, March 3, 2013

perfect days

The sun is shining.
There's a slight breeze.
A coat is optional, and I soak in the warmth of the sun.
I can just stand there and take a few deep breaths of [what feels like] clean, mountain air.
Life feels as beautiful, peaceful, and ready for a change as the oncoming spring season.

"All you need is that perfect song 
on that perfect drive to feel infinite."
Or just on a perfect day.

Friday went something like this:
Sleeping in.
Cleaning, studying, and listening to some calming music.
Lunch then a trip to the Provo Temple with Devon.
Picnic up in the mountains.
Movie night.
Talking with friends.
Studying and journal writing.

I essentially ignored life for a day. And it felt absolutely wonderful.

Today I went back to reality.
or something like it.

We had Stake Conference relatively early in the morning.
I took a New Testament exam. Which I did way better on than I had anticipated.
I walked in the beautiful weather, gazing at gorgeous mountains.
I sat outside on our little front porch and just studied for a few hours.
Dishes, dinner, and sing-a-longs with Devon.
Wreck it Ralph.
Dance party. To songs such as this, this, and this. yes, I do actually listen to music besides country. 
Home to get ready for tomorrow.

Great friends, gorgeous weather, mountains, and time in the temple.
Basically, the past few days have been my kind of perfect days.

As much as I love winter, today got me pretty excited for warmer weather, singing birds, and sunshine.
Not to mention lovely flowers and green-covered mountainsides.

I also have the sudden desire to go on a hike.
Or a road trip.
I'm good with either. or both.

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  1. darling blog, and cutest post! i love this..thanks for the reminders!