Friday, July 26, 2013


In preparation for leaving on a mission for eighteen months, I've been cleaning out my life.
Well, my life according to my closet.
Boy did I find some good stuff.

"Trading cards" my fourth grade class made for me when I moved away.
My childhood as defined by my favorite computer games.

The secret code cards from those adorable Mary Kate and Ashley mystery books.
Every single get well card from the past ten years.

Trophies from when I actually participated in elementary school.
Terrifying picture.
Trophies from that one year I did soccer, and then Reflections program trophies.
All for participation of course.
Old school projects. Like an eight-generation pedigree chart.
Several cheesy Disney snow globes.
About four thousand stuffed animals. All those get well gifts make for an epic stuffed animal collection.
fluffy bunny, awkward dog, and fancy bears.
my personal favorite.
medical bears.
another personal favorite: the fluffy duck.
Young Women handouts and trinkets. Those were the days.
Old pictures. Awkward pictures. You name it, it was in my closet.
The fake pansies from a Young Women in Excellence event.
Several dolls. Even a Barbie that makes a twinkling, magic sound when her right arm moves.
The porcelain doll I named Clarisse.
After the porcelain doll D.W. (from Arthur) borrowed from her grandma.
The paper mache angel I made that won some art contest in eighth grade.
Bracelets and necklaces from aunt's and cousins' wedding receptions.
Exciting medical technology. Like biopsy tweezers and this lovely mask from radiation.
so hot.
Horse everything. Charms, pillows, paintings, pictures, necklaces, books. Everything. I was obsessed.
The family history chart I made when I was eight years old.

A poster of my favorite things from when I was six and stuck in the hospital. Read and enjoy.
[I even remember making it with the Child Life lady. Fun times in the pediatric hospital.]

And Rachel came across this gem of a picture of me from our trip to Disney World when I was seven years old. If nothing else, I hope this makes you laugh today.

Keep on smiling and laughing today.
At least you aren't in a tutu.

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  1. I'm pretty sure I have the same fluffy duck!! Haha I miss you!