Wednesday, October 24, 2012

good days

The weather is getting colder.
That means long sleeves, big coats, and warm boots.
And [mint] hot chocolate.
Also cuddling up with a big blanket while reading history textbooks. such is the life of a college student.
The fall colors are fading. Snow is accumulating on the mountain peaks.
I just love it all.

I have the greatest friends ever. I say that a lot, but I really do.
They pull me into doing completely crazy things I would never do on my own. And I love them for that.
They inspire me to improve each day. They support me through everything.
I am really going to miss a bunch of them as they head out on their missions in the next few months.
For now, I'm enjoying the time I do have with them with movie nights, temple trips, and lunch dates at the Cougareat. And the occasional crazy night out.

This kid just went into the MTC today. Good luck Elder Graham and we'll see you in two!

Missionaries are the greatest. I love reading their letters [well, emails and blogs with the occasional actual letter] each week. It is such a neat experience to see their testimonies grow, to learn their insights, and to hear about their crazy adventures all over the world. I am so excited for my friends who are currently waiting for their calls to come! I cannot wait to hear about all the great things they do!

I absolutely love the Provo Temple. I have been blessed to spend several hours there with some of my best friends. The temple is such an amazing blessing in my life.

Life is wonderful. Long sleeves for pajamas. best. thing. ever.
Keep your thumbs up [and warm] and remember to smile.

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