Sunday, July 8, 2012

pizza rolls and a temple adventure

so I did NOT make anything fancy this week. But I DID make something I found on pinterest months ago that has since become an apartment staple for me and Angela.

Pizza Rolls
1 package Pillsbury crescent rolls
1 package of pepperoni
4 string cheese
pizza sauce (optional)

preheat oven to 375
lay crescent rolls on baking sheet
if using pizza sauce, spoon about a teaspoon on each roll
place 3-4 pieces of pepperoni on each roll
cut string cheese in half and place one half on each roll
roll up the crescent rolls (take extra care if using pizza sauce... it gets messy)
bake for 9-10 minutes
(optional: dip in pizza sauce)

serve with: salad, carrot sticks, milk, ranch dressing

today was amazing. I went with my cousin and some friends to the Mount Timpanogos temple, as the Provo temple is currently closed for cleaning. It is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I love being in the temple, and to be there with great friends and family was amazing. My cousin, Steven, got to baptize and confirm me which was so cool! Afterwards, we talked and took pictures and talked some more. It was a great day and reminded me how blessed I am to have the Church in my life.
sorry if the pictures are a little dark... my exposure was really low.

STEVEN IS HOME!! did I mention that??

shadow pictures... 
Nick off to Chile and Sam off to Russia!! These two are going to be awesome missionaries!!
but seriously. I love hanging out with my cousins. 
the group
Nick, me, and Sam
we saw a bride there!! it's wedding season. 

hehe "Sarah's face"
"prom 2012" by Brooke
absolutely beautiful.
haha we kind of had too much fun taking pictures...
photo cred: Brooke

dinner. YUM.
Two farewells tomorrow.
What an awesome weekend.

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