Friday, November 9, 2012

happy eight day

provo YSA 77th ward

Tonight we had a Relief Society activity. And although only like five people attended, it was still great to get to know the people who were there.
Sister Rosenthal (the first counselor's wife) taught us how to make a wonderfully simply pumpkin cheesecake. Deliciousness.
My bishopric is fabulous. Each one of them has taken the time to get to know every single member of the ward. They are at every activity and put aside several hours a week for interviews and other business. Basically, they are awesome.
The people in my ward are just fantastic. Everyone is so welcoming, and I have made some great friends. And while they may not measure up to freshman year, it's still a party all most of the time. It's been such a great experience.

[throwback thursday]

I have been going through my old pictures that I have on my computer. And now I'm just kind of obsessed with how adorable we all were ten years ago. wish I still was that cute... oh well. Enjoy my sentimentality.

mommy and me 

Yeah I really wish we could just stay adorable.

ps: if you got the blog title reference, you are my new best friend.
pps: I am beyond excited for Christmas.

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